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9 Sundays: September 11th – November 13th 2022!

About us

Basketball Clinic The Hague has been around for decades! We offer a great experience, excellent training, lots of action, and massive amounts of fun! Our skilled coaches have extensive experience in both playing basketball and training kids of all levels. We have a great and fun program for the littlest ones, where we focus on getting down the most essential fundamentals. For the more experienced players we offer an intense and competitive training with some of the most experienced players and coaches in The Netherlands.

One shared philosophy:






Beginners: ages 8 - 11

This program is perfect for those who are at the start of their basketball career! Here, we focus on developing individual and fundamental basketball skills. Fun games are used to put the players’ newly developed skills to use!

Basketball Clinic The Hague - sports camp - basketball camp -
Basketball Clinic The Hague - sports camp - basketball camp -

Intermediate/Advanced: ages 11 - 17

Do you have (some) previous basketball experience? Then this is the program for you!  We put great emphasis on teaching important fundamentals and team skills. We help the players explore the various facets of the game, including offensive motion and defensive tactics. These sessions are great for those trying out for U14 or Junior Varsity (or equivalent level)!

Five Star ***** ages: 14-17

Are you an advanced basketball player and are you looking to cross the T’s and dot the I’s when it comes to your game? Trained by three-time Dutch Basketball League All Star coach Chip (see below), the Five Star program offers an intense workout where the players drastically improve their overall skills and athletic abilities. This group is intentionally kept small in order to provide the best personal guidance. Are you looking to make the Varsity (or equivalent level) team? Sign up now!

Basketball Clinic The Hague - sports camp - basketball camp -

Who we are?

Basketball Clinic The Hague - sports camp - basketball camp -

Coach D.

Founder and Coach - All Groups
Coach D. founded the BCTH to pass on the skills and experience he obrained throughout his basketball-filled life. He has coached in The Netherlands for over 20 years, including teams that played in the Dutch nation-wide league. At the moment, Coach D. coaches the men's team at CobraNova.
Chip Jones - Basketball Clinic The Hague

Coach CHIP

Coach Five Star group
Coach Chip is a former professional basketball player with an unbelievably impressive basketball career. The 6 foot 7 Small/Power Forward is a three-time Dutch Basketball League All Star. Next to his impressive career in the nation's professional league, he played on the Dutch National basketball team, as well.
Basketball Clinic The Hague - sports camp - basketball camp -

Coach Maggie

Marketing Manager and Beginners' group coach
Coach Maggie has played in the nation-wide women's basketball league. Maggie has been the BCTH Beginners' coach for the past four years. Fun fact: when she was younger, she attended the Clinic for many years!
Basketball Clinic The Hague - sports camp - basketball camp -

Miss Lourdes

Registration and Finance Manager
The Clinic does not function without Miss Lourdes! She is our Clinic photographer, as well as information provider and the on-site contact person for parents.
Basketball Clinic The Hague - sports camp - basketball camp -

All coaches

Our complete coaching staff will be announced at a later stage
Stay tuned!



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